26,000 reasons to never hire an individual maid in Sarasota Florida

by cloudnine - September 20, 2016


BEAUMONT, TEXAS — A housekeeper who tripped over a crack in a driveway while hauling a bag of rubbish to the curb was awarded nearly $27,000 in damages.

Gloria Landry worked as a housekeeper for R.F. DuBois, Jr. for nearly two decades. She sued him in 2006 after injuring her knee while carrying a large bag of garbage.

For 17 years, Landry managed to avoid tripping over any cracks running through DuBois’ concrete driveway until June 8, 2005. In her suit, Landry says her part-time employer was negligent for “failing to maintain his property…and warn her of the dangerous condition.”

Jurors agreed, awarding Landry $12,383.35 in past medical expenses, $9,620 in past physical pain and mental anguish suffered and $4,810 in lost wages.

According to Landry’s petition, DuBois allowed his driveway to deteriorate. “It is cracked and has moved. These cracks are presently allowing a two-inch height variance in parts of the driveway.”

While taking the garbage to the street, Landry tripped on the concrete crack. She fell forward on her face, sustaining bruises both above and below the eye and on her chin, and bruised her leg, the suit said.

“Landry was an employee of DuBois,” the suit said. “DuBois controlled the days she worked, her duties, and supplied the tools she used. Landry was injured in the course and scope of her employment with DuBois. DuBois does not carry workers compensation insurance coverage.”

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