8 Tips for keeping your home clean between the maids’ visit in Bradenton Florida

by cloudnine - February 4, 2017

8 tips for keeping your Lakewood Ranch house clean between the maids’ visits

Everyone loves that amazing feeling that only comes from having your home professionally cleaned: it smells nice, it looks beautiful and sparkly.  But eventually, it fades.  How can you make it last longer?  Here’s some advice from our professional house cleaning company in Bradenton Florida:
Keep your shoes off when inside the house.  Your floors will be 10 times cleaner if you don’t track in dust and grass in the house.  For those homes where people don’t take their shoes off, it takes us multiple visits of intense scrubbing to bring the floors to a good state.
In the kitchen, wipe down the food splatters as you cook.  When they’re fresh, it takes one mili second to wipe them off.  It helps to maintain that pristine look of your kitchen.  Once dry, they are much harder to get rid off and they will be annoying you every time you see them.
Keep clutter to a minimum: keep a bin for junk mail in your garage, don’t buy seasonal cheap things that are not nice enough to keep forever, and not useful enough to use on everyday basis.
In the shower – keep a squeegee to keep water off your shower glass door.  Or if you have a curtain – an antibacterial shower curtain liner.
Keep your surfaces bare.  In most homes, stuff easily piles up everywhere if you’re not careful.  If you just put away things in boxes, drawers, or trash bins, even if the surfaces are not perfectly clean, the overall look will be much cleaner and more organized.
Develop a clothes folding ritual: maybe when watching your favorite show, and get your family members to help.  Otherwise clean laundry quickly accumulates and becomes a big problem.
Keep rarely used parts of your home decluttered and “sealed off.”  Many of our clients already know this trick and keep the doors for guest bedrooms closed and windows always closed too.  With virtually no activity, these rooms remain clean and require minimal maintenance.
Manage your pet’s fur.  Most of our clients love their pets as much as their kids.  But their pet hair drives many people crazy.  It’s helpful to use a Furminator or another effective comb to remove the hair in a controlled setting.  Also, cover your pet’s favorite furniture with easily washable blankets or covers.

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