Housework Hacks – House cleaning just got easier!

by cloudnine - July 23, 2017

Cleaning up getting you down? How about some clever housework hacks to speed it up?! Now, we know you can’t say no to that! Lucky are those who incorporate cleaning hacks into their daily or even spring cleaning to make the entire process quicker, easier and economical too! But there’s no need to turn green with envy just yet because we’re going to give you some ingenious ways to turn dreaded cleaning tasks into a walk in the park. If you want to avoid cleaning altogether, we run the best maid service in Lakewood Ranch FL.

 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Let me Clean Your Smears and All!

Yes, window cleaner works rather quickly and efficiently to clean up your mirrors, but it also leaves chemical residue on the surface and, at times, streaks as well. Well, we suggest you try this fool-proof mirror all purpose cleaning product – Water with a dash of dish soap!  Use a spray bottle to apply the solution to the mirror (here and there) and take a soft cloth to wipe away fingerprints and smears in a circular motion. And just like that, no streaks, no smears!

Your Fur Coats May Be Fake, But the Pet Hair on Your Couch Isn’t!

Pet hair! Pet hair all over your furniture! You’re probably tired of vacuuming or wiping the same spot ten times trying to make it fur-free again. Well, we suggest you vacuum or wipe up as much fur as you can in the first (or second) go; then slip on a pair of rubber gloves and start gliding your hands over those remaining pet hairs. To the delight of homeowners everywhere, the fur will cling to the rubber with one quick wipe!

Wash Your Taps before You Wash Your Hands!

Do you ever wash your hands and try to use your fingertips or elbows to turn the water off because your taps are that grimy and disgusting? Well, you can’t go on this way! Dirty taps (and faucets) are unsanitary and must be cleaned regularly. To do this, all you need is a scrubber and household vinegar! Pour a generous amount onto the scrubber and start cleaning your taps and faucets. Not only is vinegar an economical and efficient cleanser, but it also helps keep taps sanitized for a prolonged period (unlike your regular, store-bought cleaning agents).

Where Oh Where Has My Stainless Steel’s Sheen Gone?

If you’re wondering what happened to your brand new shiny stainless steel, it got dirty! Not to mention stained with greasy fingers that have made it a magnet for dust. But fear not, all sheen is not lost! Dampen the stains or greasiness using a mildly abrasive scrubber soaked in vinegar; use minimal scrubbing to remove as much of the dirt or stains as possible. Next, dip a microfiber cloth in lemon oil and clean your stainless steel using circular motions. Not only will the lemon oil remove greasy residues, but it will also buff and sheen your stainless steel significantly!

Dusty Dilemmas – Sock it to ‘Em!

Old socks = dusting aids! Another housework hacks such as cleaning blinds, corners, and objects are not always easy using a rag (and feather dusters just don’t cut it). Here’s what we would do; pull an old sock over your hand, pinch each salt of your blinds between your thumb and fingers and gently glide from one end to the other. This way you clean the top and bottom in one go! Corners and objects are also easier to clean because you can push your finger (or fingernail) into nooks and crannies to clean more efficiently. It also eliminates the struggle of holding a rag that covers your hand properly so that you don’t end up dusting things with your bare hand!

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