Make your fridge shine!

by cloudnine - October 27, 2017

Have friends coming over this weekend?  Are you ashamed of your dull, streaky refrigerator that’s covered in water marks and fingerprints? Well you’re in the right spot………..

What you’ll need….

Bar Keepers Friend

This inexpensive product is second to none when it comes to cleaning and polishing stainless steel!

Blue Scrub Sponge

These can be picked up in most cleaning isles and are fantastic for cleaning safely without the fear of scratching

Microfiber cloths

The cream of the crop when it comes to cleaning cloths!



Firstly dampen the sponge with water and sprinkle some bar keepers friend onto the sponge side of the pad.  Now using your thumb, massage it into the pad to make a paste.

Next, clean the refrigerator with the sponge using light pressure ensuring you only go in the direction of the grain.  If you are unsure of the grain direction, look closely and you will see either, vertical or horizontal lines.  This process will remove all of the water marks/fingerprints and will leave a slightly dull, hazy finish.

Now its time to buff (this may take a little elbow grease!). Fold the microfiber cloth in half, then half again.  You now have 8 sides of the cloth you can use (you will need to switch sides of the cloth several times to ensure you are removing the excess residue and not just pushing it around the surface). Using the clean, dry microfiber, buff in the direction of the grain until all of the haze is removed.

Lastly,  sit back and stare at your newly rejuvenated, sparkling refrigerator!  Your friends will think you just went out and bought a brand new refrigerator!

You can thank us later!

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